Maryland-based non-profit, My Covenant Place, expands the scope of their services to meet the needs of crime victims, the family, and the community

My Covenant Place has reiterated their goal of making the world a better place as the non-profit organization recently expanded their services. Similarly, the private community-based organization has rebranded to My Covenant Place, Victim, Family and Community Services to reflect their extended service scope and their overall commitment.

Millions of people across the globe suffer different forms of abuse, with victimization being one of the most common; this case is not particularly different in Maryland. While several organizations and individuals have contributed their quota to ensure the betterment of society, a large gap continues to exist, which is where the staff at My Covenant Place has been of immense help in Maryland. The recent expansion of their services further substantiates this claim.

My Covenant Place (MCP) has redefined their mission as a private, community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving victims of crime and strengthening families through partnerships that support safe, nurturing homes, schools, and communities.

The service expansion is in response to the increasing demand for trauma informed services in Maryland as the organization continues to work towards providing a rapid and realistic plan of action to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. Popularly known as MCP, the organization started out providing services to victims of crime. However, the community-based nonprofit is combining a wide range of services with a warm and welcoming atmosphere to empower and impact more lives across Maryland and nationwide.

My Covenant Place aims to help clients to redefine the future by healing from the pain of the past and rewriting their experience. The services offered by MCP include Crisis Intervention, Advocacy, Crime Prevention Education & Community Education, Empowerment Psycho-Education Support Groups, Training, Counseling, and a host of others.

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About My Covenant Place

My Covenant Place is a private community based nonprofit organization that was established in 2008. The organization is headquartered in Maryland and services in three separate jurisdictions – Baltimore City, Howard County, and Prince George’s County.


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social justice message

Due to recent events, on behalf of My Covenant Place, we would like to express our condolences to the families that lost loved ones due to the acts of violence perpetrated by the police. At My Covenant Place we don’t condone violence or racial prejudices in any form. We stand in solidarity with the protesters and law enforcement that oppose the injustices of their colleagues. As we confront this problem BLACK men and women have faced since arrival in this country, we hope the most recent events will spark a nationwide dialogue with the intent to end racial profiling and discrimination of our black men and women. We hope these events will be the catalyst to bring a torn nation together.