Our Services

You are eligible for services if you or a loved one has been a victim


Everyone does not respond to traumatic events in the same way; for that reason, our services are individualized to meet the needs of those who need assistance Our clinicians recognize the impact of trauma and provide trauma informed care. My Covenant Place treatment approach is collaboration and our sensitivity has proven to be effective in helping our clients heal.

My Covenant Place advocates will provide a range of services that may include emergency assistance, crisis intervention, victim orientation and education, referrals, accompaniment, advocacy, transportation, referral information for shelter and temporary housing.

Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention services are available. Staff are available to listen, provide support and make referrals on a wide range of issues. Crisis intervention services may be available by phone and are available in person for anyone in need of immediate assistance. Services are free of charge and confidential.


My Covenant Place will advocate on your behalf throughout the entire court process to make sure you know your rights as a victim and ensure your rights are heard by others. We will act as a liaison within the system to keep you fully informed during each step of the process so you are always in the loop. We advocate for the victims wants!

Resources & Referrals

We will equip you with all the necessary information to help navigate you within the system and throughout your case. We will put you in contact with services available to you through referrals to other agencies.

Case Management & Case Status Update

My Covenant Place will notify you of your case status no matter how small or insignificant you may think the developments may be including: filing of charges, dismissal of any or all charges, scheduling, scheduling changes or continuances, of any public court proceeding, to include post judgment hearings, terms of any negotiated plea agreements, sentencing or parole hearings.

Crime Prevention Education & Community Education

My Covenant Place will provide training, information, and tools on prevention, public and personal safety as well as victim rights’ laws throughout the community to various audiences to include: schools, neighborhood organizations, senior citizen centers, churches and refugee communities.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Application Preparation

The Crime Victims Compensation Program is monies set aside to assist victims of crime with out of pocket expenses that are a direct result of the crime. We make our clients aware of the availability of these funds and assist in completing the required forms and gather the needed documentation.

Empowerment Psycho-Education Support Groups

We facilitate empowerment psycho-education support group sessions where survivors of domestic violence and loved ones of murdered victims can connect, share stories, and encourage each other in new directions.

Post Disposition Support Monitoring

Monitor restitution awarded to the victim and ensures compensation prior to the expiration of probation/parole.

Employer & Creditor Intersession Support

Provide notification and supportive documents to employers, creditors and others on behalf of the victim.

social justice message

Due to recent events, on behalf of My Covenant Place, we would like to express our condolences to the families that lost loved ones due to the acts of violence perpetrated by the police. At My Covenant Place we don’t condone violence or racial prejudices in any form. We stand in solidarity with the protesters and law enforcement that oppose the injustices of their colleagues. As we confront this problem BLACK men and women have faced since arrival in this country, we hope the most recent events will spark a nationwide dialogue with the intent to end racial profiling and discrimination of our black men and women. We hope these events will be the catalyst to bring a torn nation together.