Family Service

Description of Family Services

My Covenant Place is dedicated to providing assistance to individuals when coping with the most difficult times in their lives.  We provide support to individuals, families, and communities by offering individual, family, and group counseling services specializing in trauma, victimization, and violence. Our counseling services deliver support and resources to help families improve and sustain healthy, strong relationships. The counseling sessions involve short-term therapeutic techniques that focus on identifying practical solutions in a relaxed, comfortable, and confidential therapeutic setting.  We also offer flexible scheduling options that include remote-telehealth, as well as, evening and weekend hours to work with your busy schedule.

Our licensed therapists are highly qualified social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists.  We specialize in evaluating and treating mental health, trauma, victimization, and violence that lead to better ways of coping, thinking, feeling, and living.  Our therapists have countless years of experience and training allowing them to incorporate culturally responsive factors, holistic approaches, and trauma-informed techniques into treatment planning for individual, family, and group counseling services.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling sessions are a process through which clients work one-on-one with therapist in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to address stressful life situations, ranging from effects of trauma, emotional distress, relationship challenges, unresolved conflict, and personal growth issues. The core of individual counseling is the establishment of therapeutic relationship and rapport between therapist and client that enables trust and personal growth as they work toward desired change.

Family therapy is a systems-based, holistic approach in which therapists focus on strengths and identify family patterns contributing to unresolved conflict and unhealthy family functioning. Skilled therapists address specific issues affecting family members that impact the entire family system, to include trauma, loss, divorce, behavioral issues, parental conflict, emotion regulation, school problems, violence, communication problems, and interpersonal conflict.  My Covenant Place therapists use solution-focused approaches to help families improve communication, problem-solving, coping skills, and enhance their sense of connection to one another.

Group counseling and psycho educational groups occurring a group setting with multiple individuals who share similar challenges, experiences, or struggles. This process allows individuals in the group, who share similar experiences, to act as a source of understanding and support while working together to resolve issues and learn new problem-solving skills experientially. Clients receive honest and valuable feedback, as well as, learn about their reactions and the reactions of others. My Covenant Place offers a variety of group sessions that are facilitated by one, or more, skilled, certified facilitator and/or therapist who educate group members on evidence-informed strategies for managing specific problems to include trauma, victimization, violence, anger management, communication problems, and interpersonal conflict.

social justice message

Due to recent events, on behalf of My Covenant Place, we would like to express our condolences to the families that lost loved ones due to the acts of violence perpetrated by the police. At My Covenant Place we don’t condone violence or racial prejudices in any form. We stand in solidarity with the protesters and law enforcement that oppose the injustices of their colleagues. As we confront this problem BLACK men and women have faced since arrival in this country, we hope the most recent events will spark a nationwide dialogue with the intent to end racial profiling and discrimination of our black men and women. We hope these events will be the catalyst to bring a torn nation together.