Welcome To My Covenant Place

If you are reading this, you may be either a victim of a crime, friend, or loved one of someone whose life has been affected or impacted by crime. There is now a place in Baltimore that can help you deal with and sort out the confusion and frustration that comes with situations such as these. That place is My Covenant Place. My Covenant Place offers services and support to those that need help at times like these. We are sensitive to your needs and we are committed to offering help. We understand there are a flood of emotions, you may experience, ranging from confusion and anger to frustration and intimidation when finding oneself involuntarily involved with the criminal justice system. My Covenant Place provides a cushion to help lessen the stinging traumas that are experienced after being victimized. We have compassionate and empathetic advocates that are ready and available to help empower those whom are victims of crimes, as well as, their family members and witnesses. My Covenant Place was established to provide the help you need at times like this FREE OF CHARGE! It is our hope that you will not continue to live in fear…we want to empower you. My Covenant Place offers hope and encouragement. We can help you make the transition from "victim" to "SURVIVOR". That is our pledge! If you have been the target of violence or any crime, please contact My Covenant Place to start the healing process and take back control of your life! We are here to help you!