Recognizing Gaslighting In Your Relationship

Written By: LaTisha Carter, CEO/Executive Director Gaslighting is a form of emotional and psychological abuse. Someone who is gaslighting you will try to make you doubt their perception of reality. It can make them begin to question their sanity and perception of reality. The result of being gaslighted is often anxiety, confusion, and an inability […]

Trauma Informed Counseling

Traditional counseling starts with a problem a client is dealing with, such as feelings of hopelessness crippling anxiety or substance abuse issues.  The more we learn about a person’s mental, emotional and physical health, the more we come to realize someone’s life experiences and they way they respond or behave they way they do. At […]

Post Traumatic Growth (not PTSD) – What the heck is that?

Post Traumatic Growth (not PTSD) What the Heck is that? Written By: LaTisha Carter, CEO/Executive Director Some may (or may not) understand the destructive nature of trauma, but you must know, there is another side to the story. The narrative that can unfold as someone works to overcome and heal the pain and loss caused […]

My Covenant Place Expands Their Service To Accommodate The Needs of Families and Communities

Maryland-based non-profit, My Covenant Place, expands the scope of their services to meet the needs of crime victims, the family, and the community My Covenant Place has reiterated their goal of making the world a better place as the non-profit organization recently expanded their services. Similarly, the private community-based organization has rebranded to My Covenant […]